Show Week for Senior Gang

Senior Gang – Here’s some information for show week…

You will enter the theatre at the stage door on Matcham Court. Only cast and crew will be allowed past the stage door all young people to be dropped off at the door and collected later. You will sign in and sign out at the stage door reception.


Monday 22/10 – “Get in”

Get something to eat before coming to the theatre. Cast need to arrive at 6pm at the stage door to sign in be allocated your dressing rooms, familiarise yourself with the layout (e.g. toilets) and your route to the stage from your dressing room. At 7pm we will start a tech run through of the show (this will include some stops and starts!) Pick up time/ go home time is 10pm. Don’t forget all your costumes, hangers, towel, bottle of water, a snack or two. Members of the Production team, back stage crew and theatre staff will have been at the theatre all afternoon setting up ready for you.

Tuesday 23/10 – Dress rehearsal

Get something to eat before coming to the theatre. Cast need to arrive at 6pm, make your way to your dressing rooms, get ready for “Remembering Ralph” in full costume at 6.50pm. There will be no make up at this rehearsal. We will run non stop through the show. Pick up/ home time 10pm.

Wednesday 24/10 to Friday 26/10 – Showtime

You will need to arrive at the theatre in time to get your makeup on, get into costume and be ready on stage at 7.20pm. Please don’t arrive before 6pm.

**there may be some fine-tuning rehearsals if needed you will be told of these and what time they will be usually between 6 pm and 7.15pm for a few minutes**

Saturday 27/10 2pm and 7pm shows, this is going to be a long day!!

Remember we have two shows this day.

For the matinee 2pm – You need to be ready and on stage at 1.50pm. please don’t arrive before 12.30pm.

Straight after the matinee please remain on stage there is a short presentation ceremony.

You will then need to go and get changed, go out and get something to eat, Parents will need to collect their children (about 4.30pm-4.45pm) for this as this is a time where the adults get chance to recharge their batteries. Cast and crew will be allowed back in the theatre from 5.30pm, you won’t be allowed to come and go from the theatre in between shows.

For the evening 7pm performance – you need to be ready on stage at 6.50pm. You will have about two hours to get something to eat and get ready for the evening show.

Once the final show has finished you will need to ensure that all the costumes have been returned to the wardrobe team, that you have all your possessions packed away. DONT LEAVE ANYTHING.

Remember that the stage will be being cleared as well so it will be very busy, if you can help out please do.


Things to remember:

  • Hair must be tidy, tied back off the face and suitable for a stage show.
  • Keep dressing rooms tidy at all times.
  • Put litter in the bins provided.
  • No running around back stage especially on the stairs.
  • Remember the lighting will be low on the side of the stage, be careful.
  • (More information can be found in the cast handbook pages 3-10)


Junior Gang have had a separate letter with times and information.

Any questions get back to me.

Blackpool Gang Show