Technical Get In 2016

Well done all you have done amazing these past few rehearsals!

Sunday 16th October as I have always said from day 1 will be a long day. Don’t forget to bring some lunch, snacks and drinks with you as well as all your costumes you have been given and are supplying yourself.


Full Senior Gang call from 10.30am you will be there until 6pm.

Junior Gang to arrive at 12pm and you will be there until 5pm.


There will be rehearsal time on and off stage, a chance to familiarise yourself with the layout back stage and a full run through with costumes from 3pm.


Please remind your friends and family to buy their tickets to come and watch you.


Do you follow GS on twitter and Facebook? Have you watched this year’s promo video on YouTube? –


Once again thank you for your hard work today, you were all fabtastic.


Thank you




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